Ages 5-10


  Price: $30/session(Book 2+ sessions and price is $25/session)Snack is included with every session. You may also leave your child for break if booking back to back sessions.  Call store to reserve your spot Toy Box 201-485-7724 Let’s Pretend Toys 201-962-9360 Magic Made Easy (Ages 5-10) 10:00 AM – 12:30 PMLearn and perform easy magic […]

The Magic Of Science!

A truly magical party where you are not only entertained, but actually learn the science behind the tricks. Classic tricks such as three cup monte, disappearing hanky, rope tricks and much more will be demonstrated and taught to all aspiring magicians. Finally, create your very own illusion box to take home and amaze your audience!

Fire & Ice

This entertaining party will delight everyone as you explore the secrets inside our Earth and discover the mysterious glowing crystals that lie under the ground! Make your very own exploding volcano! Jump from the fiery volcano and plunge into ice cold dry ice experiments like you have never seen before! So COOL!!!

Diva For A Day!

Celebrate your birthday in grand style with your friends while you enjoy beauty treatments and create your own beauty products. Be a star and jump onto the karaoke stage to show off your new look and talent! Finish with style by decorating confetti cupcakes!

Lights On!

This exciting high “energy” party will explore the science of light using lasers to bend and bounce light waves. Create rainbows in the dark and use your power to break up white light into gorgeous colors! Be entertained by cool optical illusions and take home your own diffraction glasses to continue the fun.

Slime Time!

This party will be a “blast” while your guests marvel at chemical reactions that pop, fizz and glow in the dark. Try your hand at several slimy reactions to create super balls, wiggly worms and colorful slime to take home as a souvenir.