Ages 3-6


  Price: $30/session(Book 2+ sessions and price is $25/session)Snack is included with every session. You may also leave your child for break if booking back to back sessions.  Call store to reserve your spot Toy Box 201-485-7724 Let’s Pretend Toys 201-962-9360 Magic Made Easy (Ages 5-10) 10:00 AM – 12:30 PMLearn and perform easy magic […]

Pirates Ahoy!

Climb aboard this pirate adventure, dress up in your pirate gear and get ready to have some buccaneer fun! Use your map to find the treasure, unlock the chest, share a little and keep the rest! Play “pass the cannonball” and design a shark tooth necklace to take home!

Dig Those Dinos!

Jump into the Jurassic Era and capture the excitement in a dinosaur dig! Unearth dinosaur bones and learn how paleontologists solve prehistoric puzzles. Bring a dinosaur back to life buy reconstructing its skeleton and using clues to learn more about dinosaurs. Examine real fossils and make your very own to take home.

Hard Hats Required!

Grab your hard hat and your tools and get to work! Join the demolition team and throw the wrecking ball to take down a wall! Play a giant Jenga game and find a surprise in “the big dig”. Build and decorate your own wood project to take home.

Princess & Fairy Fantasy!

You are the guest of honor at a royal celebration! Decorate your invitation, dress up as a beautiful princess or fanciful fairy and join us at the ball. Fabulous ‘fantasy’ games round out the festivities. Create your own princess crown or fairy wand to take home.